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Joanna Concepcion was my Fav realtor indeed. My brother talked highly about Joanna that I ended up calling her. From day one she went above and beyond helping me to find my house, as I gave her a list of what I was looking for, She made sure it fit my budget, location, features, (Like living close to water, etc). She helped find the right crew for the process, the home inspector, the mortgage loan originator, etc… She answered my calls, texts, respected my sleeping hours bc I work nights. If I texted in the middle of the night by the end of my shift I already had a text from her. There are so many more wonderful details I would like to share, like at the closing meeting she was there early with a gift for my new home and a customized key chain for my new house. I really recommend her services to anyone looking for a Real Estate agent who cares. -Damaris Rivera

Went Above and Beyond

I've been so blessed to have found such an incredible Realtor like Joanna Conception, to sell my home. Believe me, selecting a realtor that works so hard and diligently, is no easy task. At the very beginning I was very discerning on who to select and out of the six realtors I interviewed, she definitely stood out as the one to choose. I'm eternally grateful to have Joanna play such a pivotal role, in not only selling my home but becoming a lifelong friend. Joanna Concepcion is certainly an exceptional role model that sets the standards high. I would definitely recommend her to ANYONE, looking to buy or sell their home in a timely fashion. God bless you, Joanna. -Mary Santana

Stands out from the rest